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Robot XiaoAo is serving international airlines

The introduction of the robot Xiaoao is a new liberation for international airline staff. Work that used to be done manually can now be handed over to the robot. The robot has the function of autonomous navigation. It does not need special personnel to lead in the airline administrative hall. It can leave and reach a certain place according to its own navigation function.

The biggest feature of Xiao'ao is its intelligent service experience. At the same time, due to the function of free dialogue and autonomous navigation, in the Chinese aviation administrative hall, the robot can also assume the duties of patrol, explanation and leadership, which greatly meets the needs of Chinese air passengers and greatly promotes the intelligent airline. Construction.At present, the robot Xiaoao has already applied to the service industry and has achieved greater satisfaction. In some areas, robots can replace labor and improve work efficiency. With the application of robots in the service industry, people have a fully intelligent service experience that will be just around the corner. Based on Xiaoao, Guangzhou Aobo Information Technology Co., Ltd. will develop a new service robot with more fashionable appearance, more powerful functions and more applications. It will realize intelligent services throughout the industry and provide new and better products for human beings. life experience.