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Robot PeiPei works in medical center

With the development of society, people not only want a comfortable life, but also have a healthy body. However, in recent years, there has been a shortage of medical talents! This problem is already imminent. Just recently, robot Pepe was employed by the Shandong Provincial Regional Medical Center-Jining Medical College Affiliated Hospital, which is a three-level general hospital.

In the hospital, robot Pepe as a smart guide robot can provide appointment registration, inquiry service, intelligent consultation, route guidance, report inquiry and other functions, distribute the guidance work for the hospital, solve some problems, and save valuable medical manpower. To facilitate more people to receive treatment.

Robot + medical has great potential for development in the future, helping more people to receive treatment quickly and solving the problem of difficult medical treatment for some people. Robot Pepe is a service robot developed by Guangzhou Aobo Information Technology Co., Ltd., which can be applied to A variety of usage scenarios, tailored to different needs,
AOBO robot also independently develops government robots, shopping guide robots, medical robots, welcome robots, simulation robots, hotel robots, bank robots, teaching robots, restaurant robots and other products.