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XiaoAn Security patrol robot Brief description

                                                                                                                                                               (Laser radar navigation version)

1.Appearance design
【1. Appearance sketch】

【2. Application scene photo】

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 2. Application scene
Application scene Communities,schools, parking lots, streets, factories, hospitals, enterprises, industrial parks etc.
Functions overview Reception, explanation, patrol, alarm, emergency treatment etc.
Custom scenario function steps 1、provide scenario requirements    2、consult if you can develop this feature       3、consulting development cycle     4、consulting development cost             
 5、Sign bespoke agreement            6、check and accept product function
3. Main function
  Function Content
1 face identification Face recognition, patrol, analysis and alarm.
2 walking free It can set up the route walking patrol.
3 object identification The object can be identified and analyzed to achieve the purpose of security patrol and alarm.
4 real time monitoring It can monitor the environment in real time, and record and take photos. The camera can rotate 360 degrees.
5 business consulting Customize the voice dialogue, support the construction of industry data model and mass knowledge base (to be customized),  answer all kinds of business consulting problems, and continue to optimize learning  intelligently.
6 automatic charging It can be recharged automatically.
7 risk early warning To the fire and other prejudgment and alarm, the illegal elements to conduct a police investigation.
8 leak filling If the cover is lost, the light is broken, and there are obstacles on the road, an alarm will be given.
9 fun chatting Through the cloud and voice interaction, can achieve fun chatting; support for everyone, children's voice, cartoon pronunciation.
10 arbitrary control Through the APP, voice, remote control to achieve a variety of operations, publicity and promotion.
11 climbing It can climb a 30-degree slope.
12 climb the  stairs Single step steps that can cross 10cm.
13 load 100kg
14 high temperature resistance Use under the sun in summer is not affected by the heat
15 low temperature resistant Snow weather does not affect the use.
16 watertightness Outdoor use is not affected when it rains.
17 Carry weapons It can be customized with fire extinguishers, electric shock, smoke bombs, assault weapons, and so on.
18 Use at night
Infrared cameras can be used to patrol at night, without environmental impact.
19 Ground operating environment Flat land, grass, slope, simple steps, snow, simple potholes, mud, carpets, simple beaches, etc.
20 degree of safety Prevent the wind from blowing down, children from pushing down, etc.
PS:The above functions are suitable for proper use, and the effect is better.
4. Technical parameters

Model of robot XiaoAn
Base parameters
Height 110cm Weight 50kg
Screen 10.1 inch,Hd color LCD screen Screen type 10 touch screen, capacitance
Screen resolution(dpi) 1920*1080 FULLHD Camera Five million pixel
Size(mm) 217*136 mm Batteries and specifications Polymer lithium battery 24V12AH
Move mode Wheeled, forward, backward and turning Chassis structure Square steel frame with two drives
Microphone Four mic arrays, reduce noise Loudspeaker Dual speaker
Internet Connections WIFI Support bluetooth Yes
Charging time(h) ≤8h(normal 6h) Working time(h) ≥10h
Rated input voltage (V) 220VAC Rated output voltage (V) 24VDC
The distance of the human sensor to the guest 4~5m Ultrasonic distance 1~2m
Rated output current (A) 2A Rated power (W) 48W
The chassis size length 100cm,width 73cm collision avoidance Steel collision avoidance
Chassis drive wheel diameter 32cm Nature of the wheel inflatable wheel
Control parameter
Remote control walking Control the walking of the robot from front to back through mobile APP and remote control;Response time is less than 100ms Visual navigation walking The robot creates a flat map, either indoors or outdoors
Navigation route Multiple target points and walking routes can be set Navigation accuracy 2cm
Anti-interference performance Free from the sun's rays Night interference Use infrared camera to avoid night interference
Speed of navigation Speed 2 or 3 meters per second(can adjust) Visual navigation range It has to do with the scan pattern, it can be tens of thousands of squares
Safety function
Emergency cut-off To press the key to stop the working robot immediately Detection of obstacle avoidance Real-time monitoring of obstacles in front of the robot, measuring distance of 80 cm
Pedestrian detection Real-time monitoring of no one passing by, someone coming to say hello Balance protection Body weight can be balanced and the waist won't fall
Convenience function
Remote voice play Remote control robot plays audio file, audio file can be edited through text to audio software, easy to play the client propaganda voice Remote operation mode switch Robot remote control or tracking mode can be selected through mobile APP and remote control
Remote control adjustment parameters Computer control design sensor distance, walking speed Set the node number Computer control to set the node number
Remote software upgrade When the software is upgraded, the system automatically downloads the upgrade package, prompting the user to upgrade Ultrasonic parameter Forward  two,left and right two, adjust and control respectively
Multimedia parameter
Text formal:xml Video frequency format:mp3                          frequency range: 32kbps-320kps
The standard of service Instruction, warranty card, prompt label, daily maintenance The standard packing Pearl cotton, wooden case
The standard accessories 1 remote controller, 1 charger and 1 automatic charging pile The standard tool 1 set of inner hexagon tool wrench and 1 set of outer hexagon tool wrench
 5Product configuration
Model number Standard configuration Optional
XiaoAn 1 remote control, 1 charger, 1 automatic charging pile, 1 set of hex tool wrench, 1 set of hex tool wrench and 1 wooden box.
Flight case


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