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Shaqiang-1 Robot Brief description

1. Appearance design
【1. Appearance sketch】

【2. Application scene photo】

shaqiang02 shaqiang07 shaqiang12
shaqiang01 shaqiang05 微信图片_201810121705292
【3. Appearance size drawing】

【4. Product structure parts drawing】
1.Flexible manual action and cable drive.Rotate each finger and wrist, including 6 degrees of freedom.

2.Shoulder rotatory mechanism: built - in ultra-thin bearings, turbo worm structure, large torque steering gear drive.


3. Head can be completed by nodding head, shaking head from side to side, shaking the head from side to side and simulating speech movement with 5 degrees of freedom.

2. Application scene

Application scene hotel、bank、administrative centre、restaurant、science and technology museum、museum、library、hospital、school、sales center、shopping Mall、cinema、car 4S stores、banquet hall、wedding celebration、opening ceremony etc.
Functions overview welcome、explanation、guide to visitor、shopping guide、marketing、consultation、Fun chatting、host guest、promote product、education etc.
Custom scenario function steps 1、provide scenario requirements   2、consult if you can develop this feature 
3、consulting development cycle    4、consulting development cost              
5、Sign bespoke agreement           6、check and accept product function

3. Main function


  function Content
1 welcome & farewell Different route direction automatic induction of human body, and broadcast the greeting, farewell speech language, support custom display images, custom in different countries, different areas of language.
2 performance It can simulate human performance, and every detail of the upper body joints can be moved, including fingers, and can be performed with music
3 product explanation It can play audio explanation, picture, video and other forms of advertising information, or related publicity content, full display of new product features and related services.
4 business consulting Customize the voice dialogue, support the construction of industry data model and mass knowledge base (to be customized),  answer all kinds of business consulting problems, and continue to optimize learning  intelligently.
5 Science and technology show The joints on the body are as moving as real people, which is very advanced and amazing to the audience.
6 teaching demonstration Body joint structure and control system, software application can be used for teaching
7 media effect It can attract media interviews and communication, and the advertising effect is very good.
8 fun chatting Through the cloud and voice interaction, can achieve fun chatting; support for everyone, children's voice, cartoon pronunciation.
9 circular preaching In the uninterrupted group visit activities, the robot can automatically cycle operation according to the custom work mode and the walking route of the organizers, and complete the safe and efficient propaganda and reception work.
10 arbitrary control Through the APP, voice, remote control to achieve a variety of operations, publicity and promotion.
11 private consultant During private visits and leadership visits, the robot works as a private consultant, adapt to on-site changes and questions, and completes flexible and interesting interpretation reception work.
12 face identification Face recognition can be used to welcome guests or VIP guests.
PS:The above functions are suitable for proper use, and the effect is better.

4. Technical parameters


Model of robot  Shaqiang- 1
Base parameters
Height 178cm Weight 30kg
Screen 10.1 inch,Hd color LCD screen Screen type 10 touch screen, capacitance
Screen resolution (dpi) 1920*1080 FULLHD Camera Two million pixels
Size(mm) 217*136 mm Batteries and specifications Can be equipped with:Polymer lithium battery 24V12AH
Move mode No power universal wheel Chassis structure A circular rigid
Microphone 1 mic arrays, reduce noise Loudspeaker Dual speaker
Internet Connections WIFI Support bluetooth Yes
The power supply situation 220V voltage for straight plug home Battery Can be equipped with
Rated input voltage (V) 220VAC Rated output voltage (V) 24VDC
The distance of the human sensor to the guest 6~8m Ultrasonic distance 1~2m
Rated output current (A) 2A Rated power (W) 48W
Control parameter
Remote control walking You can control the action by remote control handle Voice control It can voice command control action performance, voice control singing
Conversational mode Custom Settings dialog content + cloud language library dialog Canning material ABS engineering plastics
Dialog system activation mode Voice activation Dialog system sleep time 5min
Joint parameter
Joint power Digital servo Total freedom 27
Head freedom 4 Arm freedom 10
Finger freedom 10 Waist freedom 2
Mouth 1 The head transmission The lever principle
Finger movement Wire transmission Phonetic explanation MP3 Modular voice broadcast
Action performed
The action group 4 Arm movements 3
Head movements 1 The waist movements 1
Raise my hand movements 2 Finger performance You can move one finger
Multimedia parameter
Picture format:jpg          resolution:1920*1080 Video frequency format:mp3                          frequency range: 32kbps-320kps
Video format:mp4          resolution:1920*1080       Text format:xml
The standard of service Instruction, warranty card, prompt label, daily maintenance The standard packing Pearl cotton, wooden case
The standard accessories 1 Remote control, 1 power cord The standard tool 1 set of inner hexagon tool wrench and 1 set of outer hexagon tool wrench
5.Product configuration

Model number Freight Standard configuration Optional
Shaqiang-1 Do not include, calculate freight according to specific area. 1 remote control, 1 power cord, 1 set of inner hexagon tool wrench, 1 set of outer hexagon tool wrench, 1 wooden frame. Flight case

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