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Guangzhou Aobo robot technology co., ltd. was founded in 2014, the company set intelligent service robot product technology research and development, industrial design, manufacturing, product marketing as one.With the mission of "building an intelligent life", the company has grown into the world's leading provider of research, development and manufacturing of commercial service robots and robot application solutions, and is committed to providing the most innovative commercial robot products and application solutions for individual and enterprise users.

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In 2016, Aobo was awarded the national high-tech enterprise certificate, with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, and 108 national patents.Through strategic cooperation with international top technology institutions, we have accumulated a considerable technical foundation for the development of commercial service robots.Aobo takes a leading position in AI, intelligent navigation, unmanned driving, speech recognition, image servo technology, face recognition, 3D intelligent robot virtual human behavior model key technology, THINKSENSE brainwave inductive human-computer interaction technology, the integration of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, CAIS platform development and other aspects.


Aobo is the pioneer of China's commercial service robots. It has independently developed medical robots, hotel robots, bank robots, government machines, pension robots, guidance robots, security robots, special operations robots and other products.It can provide intelligent service robot integrated solutions for catering, real estate, schools, Banks, government affairs, hotels, airports, cinemas, supermarkets, hospitals, families, automobile 4S stores, shopping centers, office Spaces and other service fields. The company's sales network is all over the world, and its products are not only sold to 23 provinces in China, but also have been exported to North America, Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia and other regions since 2015. It is a leading commercial service robot export enterprise in China.

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